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At Cellulose Man Inc. we take the work we do seriously. Our highly trained and experienced staff will be able to help with any of your insulation needs. Get your free quote today!

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We guarantee that any job we do for you will not only meet, but exceed, your requirements. We have a history of making customers happy and that’s a tradition we don’t plan to break anytime soon.

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Insulation Company in Canada

Celluloseman a leading insulation contractor offers professional, safe, and quick insulation installation and insulation removal service using its unique, state of the art vacuum machine designed to extract all insulation types and contaminants in attics. We are accustomed to eliminate various types of insulation including, cellulose, fiberglass, mineral wool, and other commonly used fibres.

Curious what is in your attics? Residents or homeowners are unaware of what lies above their ceilings. Attics are often disregarded and your home may be due for insulation replenishment. There are several elements that can affect your attic insulation, including but not limited to mainly fire, air, and water.

Our highly trained professionals will use our highly efficient vacuum truck collecting all insulation and debris from the attic directly into our truck without the use of bags. Our high powered machine effectively eliminates all insulation rapidly without contaminating or polluting other areas, enabling residents to remain safely at home during the process.

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    Every job we start, regardless of how large or small, is treated with the utmost importance

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    Without you there is no us! We will make sure that all your needs are met and that we provide the best possible service to you.

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    We are the leaders in our industry. If there is a job that you think is impossible, odds are we’ve already done it.

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    Listening to your feedback is what helps us to get better. If you want to know or ask us anything please don’t hesitate to contact us

See What Our Satisfied Clients Say About Us

I trust Dan that he will do a good job removing stuff. He has all of the right equipment to make it painless and over in a couple days and then install R-50 by code.

Dan is a really good guy. Nothing but positive feedback from the clients I have followed up with.

Thanks for a great job done. Dan and his crew did an insulation removal and installation of R-60 blown-in cellulose at my house in Gravenhurst. Highly recommend!