Attics stand out as one of the primal areas in the house considering insulation. Attic insulation is equally pivotal as any other area of the house. To keep rodent infestations at bay, for better thermal condition, to keep the warm air inside the house especially in cold regions or during winters and for several other reasons, attic insulation becomes an essential factor. While insulating your attic is important, there are several methods to follow and points to remember. However, some questions tend to arise with attic insulation. Will its efficiency be long-lasting? Does attic insulation need removal or replacement? How much attic insulation is enough to suffice the needs of a house?  Though insulation has tremendous efficiency to even balance the thermal condition and control the airflow within a structure, there are limitations to it. Above mentioned are some questions we will be addressing and answering in this article. 

Importance of Attic Insulation Removal

Attic insulation has many benefits: from protecting the roofing system to reducing your energy bills. Attics are often neglected and also the least used area of most homes. Most homeowners admit that it is usually either out of sight or used for storage purpose. This has the potential of your attic being unseen or unattended. Following are the reasons or scenarios where you need to consider attic insulation removal. In some cases, it needs to be immediate while some can be removed after the insulation has naturally degraded.

Old insulation removal

Insulation is an effective way of balancing the thermal condition of structures. At the same time, it can wear off too. After long years of serving its purpose, insulation tends to settle over time when joists are visible. Such scenarios may only require an addition in insulation but the old insulation would still have its thermal resistance or R-value. However, you need to remove your attic insulation unless there is water damage, rodent or mold infestation. You can contact Celluloseman to conduct a site visit and one our trained staff can provide insight on the best options for your situation. 

Water Damage

Similar to attic insulation, the condition of your roof will eventually degrade over time. When this occurs, water can seep through the shingles, weather membrane, and eventually the roof sheathing. Sometimes due to the age of the roof and sometimes simply due to neglect. All these factors can affect the condition of the existing attic insulation. Furthermore, if signs of moisture built-up in the attic along with increasing water infiltration, there is a high probability of mold growth on your roof sheathing that can damage the entire attic space. Regardless, any type of moisture or wetness is no good sign for your attic. Once the insulation is compromised, it is often necessary or advisable to for it to be removed and replaced. 

Animal Infestation

Rodents or roof rats are commonly found in the surrounding and are a common problem for many homeowners. These critters may prove to be a nuisance by nesting around in the attic and tainting the area with urine or droppings. They may pose as a hazard and can indirectly affect occupants in the living space. In such conditions, attic insulation removal becomes necessary. Disinfection of the attic is a must before installing new insulation. Some of the common health hazards of rodent infestations are:

  • Parasites
  • Rat-bite fever
  • Plague
  • Tularemia
  • Lassa fever
  • Hantavirus Pulmonary Syndrome
  • Leptospirosis
  • Murine Typhus

Many of the listed problems can be contracted just by coming into contact with the droppings or urine by infected rodents. This also includes being contracted due to breathing the dust when dried faeces or urine is disturbed. Center for Disease Control (CDC) recommends using a disinfectant on nests, urine or faeces upon extraction of contaminants. 

Mold on Insulation

Usually, mold growth is less common on insulation than on the sheathing or framing. Often, insulation blocks the soffit venting and this resists airflow into the attic. In other scenarios, mold may affect the effectiveness of the insulation. Excess attic insulation can also hinder the performance of your attic and airflow promoting mold growth. When there are excessive moisture and condensation combined with organic material (wood), it creates a perfect environment for mold. Although mold does not grow on the insulation itself but is found circulating the air. The spores produced on the roof sheathing can circulate and affect the air quality inside the property. We often advise our clients to air seal the attic to avoid this issue. Taking professional advice and help in such cases is preferable. 

Attic Insulation Removal

The removal process is the most important part of attic insulation removal and is best done by the professionals. It requires adequate preparations ensuring the contaminated part without spreading any kind of contaminants to the other spaces of your house or commercial structure. 

  • Covering the attic entrance in a thick plastic sheeting or creating a multi-staged decontamination chamber
  • Relocating or covering valuables and furniture from the attic (if used as storage or living space)
  • Beginning with the removal process once the area once the preparation is complete
  • Utilizing our state-of-the-art vacuum system to directly transfer the old and contaminated insulation into a container outside the structure 
  • Celluloseman’s technology allows us to safely and effectively remove all types of insulation (including fiberglass batt sheets, vermiculite, wood chips/saw dust, and ROXUL sheets)
  • After the removal of insulation from the attic, the entire space is vacuumed, ensuring there are no traces of debris or rodent waste remaining in the attic space. 
  • The area is entirely disinfected and made anew with a new insulation installation of your choice

Why Choose Professional Help for Insulation Removal

Old or damaged insulation needs to be removed or replaced. It may seem like a DIY job and is even possible. However, the professionals in the field of insulation have experience dealing with different types of houses or structure and equal issues. This makes Celluloseman the perfect choice for insulation installation or removal. Using the right tools and techniques, understanding the location and climate and potential risks, all of these become reasons for you to consult experts. Insulation companies like Celluloseman ensure the protection of your safety and provide you with a cost-effective service. There are several reasons why considering professionals for insulation removal and replacement is beneficial for you.

Ease out your worries and address your problems

Right tools are essential in attic insulation removal or removal of any type of insulation like batts and rolls, blown-in insulation, spray foam insulation or any other that come with some challenges. Use of the right equipment by the professionals can keep the risks and problems at bay. Blown-in or batt often requires removal using a large industrial vacuum and this requires a professional.

Safety measures

Crawling or standing on joists in your attic to avoid damaging the ceiling is all a task. This cannot be handled and not everyone would be equipped. Often, attics are tight and difficult to access with limited mobility or crawling space. Most of these reasons make it sensible to seek a professional.

Preparations and Disposal

Contaminants are unavoidable during attic insulation removal. There is a risk of the contaminants spreading throughout the home. Precautions need to be taken before insulation is removed. This practice is best followed to avoid potential risks associated with relocating old or contaminated insulation. Another important process is of the disposal.  Our staff is trained to properly handle all types of insulation material and as well as post decontamination. For all types of bulk material or insulation, a proper waste bin is required to facilitate the disposal of construction material. There are some guidelines confining to the building materials disposal policy and for these, the waste management company and provincial guidelines are followed and required. Celluloseman is the leading company in insulation removal and remediation services since 2002. We are committed to provide quality extraction and installation services to homeowners and companies alike.