Cellulose Insulation

Proper cellulose insulation helps you save money on heating and provides a comfortable and healthy living space. Celluloseman, Inc. provides loose-fill blown-in and spray foam insulation installation across the GTA. We also offer insulation upgrade or top-up to meet the R values required by the provincial building codes.

Cellulose insulation offers the following advantages:

  • It is a safer, cheaper, more efficient and longer-lasting alternative than most other residential insulation products
  • Cellulose is a green, non-toxic material
  • On top of managing a constant temperature, it manages moisture and blocks sound.


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Blown in Cellulose Insulation

Often, some old homes unlike recent homes, require insulation as they are under-insulated. Many homeowners would need their furnace working for a long time to keep the home warm.  The current building codes demand a minimum amount of insulation considering attics and walls. As the old homes juxtapose in this aspect, Blown-in insulation works the best. The micro materials of blown-in insulation cover up the edges and corners of your home. 

Cellulose applications:

  • For new or retrofit residential and commercial construction.
  • Applied through spraying (blowing) or in loose-fill form.
  • It can be installed beneath walls for both thermal and acoustic purposes.
  • It can be injected in closed cavities
  • Blows well and particularly effective in awkward or hard-to-get areas and edges.

Cellulose insulation facts:

  • Reduces air leakage and provides more resistance to air movement than any other loose-fill insulation
  • Most fire-resistant insulation, treated with fire retardants to meet all safety requirements and regulations.
  • No harmful emissions after installation and while drying.
  • Cellulose is the only insulation that actually manages moisture.
  • It is affordable. 

Spray-Foam Insulation

Spray polyurethane, or SPF is foam that expands when it hits the surface, eventually hardens into a virtually impenetrable barrier that blocks moisture, air, and sound. Some benefits of this type of insulation include:

  • SPF makes it nearly impossible for small pests and insects to burrow into your home
  • The foam is capable of filling the tiniest of cracks
  • Perfect for soundproofing
  • Open-cell SPF is ideal for attics and basements, while denser closed-cell foam is perfect for crawlspaces
  • Cost-effective and durable

Attic, Basement and Wall Insulation

Insulation in walls not only keeps indoor temperatures comfortable and consistent – it also creates a barrier to sound, preventing noise from travelling between rooms. Proper attic insulation, basement insulation and wall insulation can make a huge difference, and Celluloseman is the company to call. We have the expertise and extensive experience in installing a variety of insulation types, including blown in cellulose insulation, blown in fiberglass insulation  and spray foam insulation.

Replacing your Old Insulation

Celluloseman, Inc. leading insulation contractor can replace your damaged insulation with cellulose, spray foam, and blown fibre. Our insulation will give you a number of advantages:

  • Protect your house from mold, insects, and moisture
  • Provide a complete coverage, including open attics, enclosed walls, floor, and cathedral-roof framing cavities
  • House retrofit or upgrade of current insulation without destroying the original wall finishes or existing structures

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Cellulose Insulation Installation Services 

Our dry, loose-fill cellulose maintains a constant density and R-value of 3.84/in. Proper insulation is a critical component of household maintenance, and as well as routinely utility expenses. Our experts will suggest you the right R-value of blown-in cellulose insulation and provide installation services at affordable prices. We are professional service providers and we believe in our client satisfaction. Contact Celluloseman for insulation installation and other services. 


Where can cellulose insulation be applied?

Celluloseman utilizes and specializes in loose-fill (blown-in) installation used for numerous applications:

  • Attics
  • Cathedral Ceilings
  • Exterior Walls
  • Interior Walls
  • Floors
  • Basement Walls
  • Factory Built Homes

Does Cellulose insulation cause itchiness?

There are no glass fibers in cellulose insulation which would cause skin irritation or any other irritation in your body.

How safe is blown-in cellulose insulation?

It is safe as it is made of paper and plant-based. Independent testings have proved that cellulose insulation is safer for application even in different building codes. 

How durable is cellulose insulation?

20 to 30 years is the typical duration or lifespan of cellulose insulation for its recycled newsprint components. 

What R-value of cellulose insulation is preferable?

R-3.2 to 3.8  per inch2 is preferable for cellulose insulation but consulting a professional service for insulation is more ideal.

Does mold affect cellulose insulation?

Mold does not grow in cellulose insulation as it soaks up moisture which does not leave any scope for mold growth. 

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