Fiberglass insulation

An alternative Celluloseman can also provide is the conventional fiberglass insulation product commonly seen as a pink or yellow blanket and batt, or in the form of blown-in loose fill.

  • Can be installed as a loose fill material, blown flexibility into attics
  • Blankets and batts are utilized and install into flat surfaces including wall cavities and for soundproofing
  • Optimal weatherization can be practised by installing vapour barriers in conjunction with fiberglass, cellulose, and all other types of insulation
  • Additional loose fill cellulose over fiberglass insulation can decrease air infiltration producing an ideal thermal environment


Blown-in Fiberglass Insulation

Insulated homes are naturally more balanced than others. Thermal insulation creates better air quality and thermal conditions in homes. Homeowners know important home insulation in today’s time is. Different types of insulation suffice the different spaces of your home. One of the types is fiberglass insulation which is traditionally used in many attics and other spaces in homes. Before choosing any type of home insulation it is important to do fair research on it or take professional help. Celluloseman covers many areas of insulation services that can be your key solution all at once and help you learn more about insulation. 

All About Blown-in Fiberglass Insulation 

The most commonly used, fiberglass insulation comprises of plastic filaments with recycled glass made into fibers. Strands of glass are pulled and turned into thin fibers which are then turned into plastic filaments. It is an effective insulation that reduces the heat flow and balances out the temperature in the structure. With the advantage of having glass fibers, this insulation is also moisture-resistant. Studies show that the glass particles slows down the spreading of heat or cold flow, even sound and reduces the residential energy costs approximately up to 40%. 

Advantages Of Blown-in Fiberglass Insulation 

Fiberglass insulation was introduced in 1938 and since then, it has been a predominant material for residential and commercial structures. Fiberglass insulation has been vital for years with the ability of making buildings enegry efficient and more comfortable. Blown-in fiberglass insulation has the thermal resistance or R-value of up to 3.4. This insulation is considered beneficial for both attic spaces and wall cavities. 

Affordable Value

Blown-in fiberglass insulation is known for its value. This is one of the main  advantages because it is client oriented and saves your pocket. It is cost-effective as compared to other types of insulation. With its R-value or thermal resistance it is most affordable option than others such as cellulose or sprayed foam. 

Moisture Resistant

Fiberglass is easier to be dried and put up back in the attic. It resists moisture and by this it means that no trouble of mold growth. One of the perks of fiberglass is that unlike wood it is not warp or rot due to moisture or gives in to molds or rodents. 

Fire Resistant

Blown-in fiberglass insulation is non-flammable because of the minute fibers of glass. Fire accidents in your attic would not affect the insulation as it is considered completely fire resistant. 

Thermal Resistance Efficiency

Blown-in fiberglass insulation makes the structure thermally more efficient as it retains the temperature of spaces in your home. It creates an ideal temperature for your home with its thermal performance which prevents high utility bills. Fibergalss insulation enables you a wider range of R-value widening the options of sufficing the different energy code requirements in structures today. R-values in fiberglass batt insulation ranges from R-8 to R-40 and blown-in fiberglass meets almost any range of R-value requirement. A perk of blown-in fiberglass insulation is the possibility of being installed over the existing batt insulation which increases the R-value. 


It is a natural sound absorbent material which reduces the transmission of sound through walls, ceilings and other spaces in homes or other structures. Fiberglass insulation successfully blocks acoustics in homes. 

Highly Durable and Easy to Install

Fiberglass insulation is super durable and is known for its long life and sustainability. It is the most preferred insulation material considering durability. Blown-in fiberglass is easier to install and is a painless process as compared to other insulations. With the help of professional installers, blown-in fiberglass is easy in terms of installing.

Why Seek Professional Help For Blown-in Fiberglass Insulation?

Blown-in fiberglass is considered ideal in many aspects and mostly preferred. Even though loose-fill fiberglass is easy to install, there are certain precautions to be taken and kept in mind before installing it as a DIYer. Fiberglass insulation consists of glass particles which are not always easy to work with. These particles can be released in the air when disturbed by moving it or by any damage. There are more chances of fiberglass causing itchiness to your skin when in direct contact with your skin. Seek a professional insulation installation service to get the work done. Experts are trained to take safety measures before working with this type of insulation.

Blown-in Fiberglass Insulation Installation with Celluloseman

Celluloseman provides installation services for loose-fill or blown-in fiberglass insulation with the required suggestions in terms of its R-value. Be it your attic, walls, ceilings or floors, we make a thorough inspection of your home and recommend the thermal resistance for the insulation. Our team consisting of experts specialized in different types of insulation can help you with the right suggestions. With our highly potent blowing machines we make installation easy for you. At Celluloseman, we not only provide installation services but also removal services. Our team of specialists will check every space and corner of your homes to detect problems and fix them. We offer installation services at affordable prices, making it easy for homemakers. We believe in giving you a tussle-free experience, making your home more comfortable and ideal in its thermal conditions. To know more about blown in fiberglass insulation installation and removal of any other insulation material or molds, contact Celluloseman today. 

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