Attic Insulation Removal

Insulated homes keep thermal conditions balanced by locking up the warmth in a cold climate. Attics are those spaces in the house where heat flow is directed from other warm spaces. Naturally, attic insulation and wall insulation helps to maintain and balance the indoor temperature. Many homes need attic insulation removal as much as they need it insulated. For homeowners, it could be daunting and exhausting to have the whole insulation removed. Keeping aside speculations, let us give you more details about attic insulation removal.

attic insulation removal

Why is Attic Insulation Removal Important? 

The attic is probably the least used or noticed place in your home. Residents or homeowners are unaware of what lies above their ceilings. Attics are often disregarded and your home may be due for insulation replenishment. Are you curious to know what is in your attics? To know when you might have to remove your attic insulation? 

There are several elements that can affect your insulation, including but not limited to mainly fire, air, and water. There are some other reasons that prove the significance of attic insulation removal. Here are some key reasons and signs to look up for 

  • Attic insulation may lose its efficiency over time. 
  • Rodent infestation that can become a serious risk factor on the effectiveness of insulation. 
  • In some cases, contaminants such as vermiculite insulation that may contain amphibole asbestos fibres can be hazardous to the health occupants.
  • A fire accident in your home could result in saturated attic insulation. The smoke smell penetrates the materials in the attic and stays there for a long time. 
  • Moisture helps mold build-up, leaky roofs can be another cause of worry. 
  • Molds in your attic could be a sign for you to check on damage to the insulation. Usually, attic insulation needs a removal if it gets wet. 
  • Vermiculite removal becomes necessary. It contains asbestos which can release hazardous spores when disturbed. 
  • Upgradation of the electrical system or renovation of your home will require attic insulation because the dirt and dust in the existing insulation could be accumulated.

Animal infestation, moulds, carcinogens and allergens, and smoke damage and all those mentioned above make removal of attic insulation necessary. As important as it is to insulate your attic, insulation removal is equally important.


Benefits of Attic Insulation Removal 

Attic insulation removal is vital especially after years when the old insulation wears off. Smoke, dust, allergens, rodents, moisture or water damages and many other reasons as mentioned earlier emphasize on the need for attic insulation removal. You can not only save money from attic insulation removal but also avoid and prevent situations that can pose hazards or other harm due to poor or improper insulation. 

For instance, if your house has undergone a fire damage, replacing your attic insulation in this instance will help to reduce the smoke smell, while also improving your home or buildings air quality. There are several other benefits that are resulted due to attic insulation removal. 

  • Better health conditions

An infested attic is prone to be contaminated by droppings of rodents or rats. This poses a health hazard for homeowners. Once you remove the attic insulation, the risk of health hazard reduces and replacing the old or damaged one helps you restore your attic’s quality like before. 

  • High energy efficiency 

Attic insulation removal and replacement changes the quality of your home sufficing with efficient energy. Both seasons, summer and winter, may least bother you as your home will only get better and comfortable.

  • Rise in and better air quality

Getting rid of moisture which leads to molds reduces the risk of airborne health problems. Once the old or damaged attic insulation is removed and replaced, it tends to improve the air quality of your home. This, in a cyclic way, will help your health eventually. 

  • Energy bills saviour

There is a huge difference between the cost before an insulation removal and after. Spending a lot behind cooling and heating bills could drain you economically. Once in a while, insulation removal becomes necessary and a good insulation removal service could save your pockets as well. 

attic insulation removal 1

attic insulation removal

Different Types of Attic Insulation Removal That Needs Professional Services 

Fiberglass insulation removal

If your attic has fiberglass insulation then the most preferable option for its removal is to contact a professional insulation removal service. Fiberglass insulation was initially used as a replacement for carcinogen asbestos which leads to potential health hazards. Inflammation in lungs and irritation in the eyes and skin are some already known issues that fiberglass insulation can lead to. Removal has to be done with safety measures and this could be better done by insulation removal experts. 

Vermiculite insulation

In certain cases, vermiculite is notorious for containing amphibole asbestos fibres. Contaminated vermiculite poses serious health risks when present in home interiors. Long term exposure can cause complications including asbestosis (chronic lung disease), mesotheliom (cancer existing in the lining of the abdominal cavity and/or chest), and lung cancer. To reduce health risks, it is recommended to allow professionals to safely and effectively eliminate all vermiculite present in the attic to avoid airborne exposure. 

Celluloseman assures quality, safe, and affordable vermiculite removal, and as well as other insulation types. 

Cellulose Insulation Removal 

Cellulose insulation in your attic helps the surface be in its old form and effective enough to balance the temperature. On the contrary it also contains borax or aluminum sulfate and improper installation causes health problems. Cellulose insulation removal can be done on your own but even the slightest suspicion of mold or asbestos should have you contact the professionals. Experts specialized in this arena can help you better in removal of insulation. 

Celluloseman : Attic Insulation Removal Experts

Our experts at Celluloseman are accustomed to eliminate old and damaged attic insulation of all types such as vermiculite, cellulose and fiberglass. Our uniquely designed vacuum quickly removes insulation leaving your attic at its safest form. At Celluloseman, highly trained professionals use highly efficient vacuum truck collecting all insulation, debris, and contaminants from the attic directly into our truck without the use of bags. Our high powered machine effectively eliminates all insulation rapidly without contaminating or polluting other areas, enabling residents to remain safely at home during the process.

We provide our customers the best of our services in terms of insulation removal and insulation installation. We also specialized in soundproofing and draftproofing. For more information and other details, contact us today , T: (905) 927 – 9005 , Toll Free: 1 (866) 393 – 0433 

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