Soundproofing and Draft Proofing


Specialty Service

Insulation isn’t just for controlling indoor temperatures; it also creates a barrier to sound. Celluloseman, Inc. uses loose-fill cellulose or fibreglass insulation to easily and effectively soundproof rooms and the entire home.

Gaps in insulation don’t just cause drafts, they also allow sound to pass through between rooms. When you want quiet, comfortable enjoyment of your home, proper insulation is essential. Spray foam insulation is ideal for soundproofing because:

  • The dense material lends itself perfectly to both thermal and acoustic insulation purposes
  • It is environmentally friendly, energy efficient, and cost-effective.

Draft Proofing

Drafts are a bit like ventilation – both let fresh air into your home. Good ventilation helps reduce condensation and damp. But drafts are uncontrolled: they not only create uncomfortable pockets where the air in your home is too hot or too cold, they also increase your heating and cooling costs as you try to maintain a constant temperature. Blown-in loose-fill cellulose and spray-foam insulation retrofits into gaps and awkward spaces, providing complete, solid insulation that protects against drafts and leaks.

Benefits of Soundproofing & Draft Proofing

The benefits of soundproofing include:

  • Insulation against the noise of everyday living – no more hearing alarm clocks setting off in the early mornings or every conversation in the other rooms.
  • Proper soundproof insulation keeps noise from passing through the walls of the different rooms in the house.
  • It also keeps crevices and cracks covered, providing an extremely tight barrier against heat loss in the winter, and keeping warm air out in the summer.

Soundproofing is ideal for bedrooms, bathrooms, living rooms, private theatres or entertainment rooms. Whether it is a single room or your entire home, contact Celluloseman to learn more about soundproofing and draft proofing.